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Melling Parish Council will be holding a Neighbourhood Plan Policy Development Workshop. This event will be working with Planning Consultants, to help us shape what policies we need for our plan, and to influence what it would look like, in order for them to ensure our Plan is fit for purpose now and for the future of the village.

We have 10 places for Melling Residents and places will be first come first allocated basis.

The workshop details are:
Date Tuesday 3rd May
Venue Melling Primary School
Time 7.30-930pm (this is not a drop-in, and you will be required to attend for the entire

Please contact the Clerk on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you would still like to have your say on neighbourhood planning policies, we would welcome your to comment on the draft policies. If you register your interest with our Clerk we will contact you on how to do this.

Melling Parish Council has been working for a while now on a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the Parish. To this end the Parish Council conducted a survey which showed that high priorities for the people of the Parish were to maintain the look and feel of Melling and ensure that any new development has adequate infrastructure.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan can introduce planning policies into Sefton Council’s Local Plan which affect the pattern of development in the Parish. The Neighbourhood Plan cannot affect the allocation for housing of Green Belt land in Melling, that is under the control of Sefton’s Local Plan.  A Neighbourhood Development Plan also means that the Parish will get a larger share of the Community Infrastructure Levy which is a fund for investment in infrastructure which developers pay into when they build in the area. As such the Parish will have more control over where this money is spent.

As the look and feel of the Parish are so important to the people of Melling, the Parish commissioned the production of a Character Assessment based around the Waddicar area which the most built up area of Melling as this is where the emerging Sefton Local Plan is proposing to allocate sites for new housing. The aim of the Character Assessment is to help guide how housing can be designed so as to best ensure it fits in with the existing local character.

From the consultation, the Parish have produced a draft Vision and Objectives which are as follows:

Melling Draft Vision and Objectives


Melling Parish Council's Vision for the future of Melling is for a safe, clean, green and healthy Parish which better meets the needs of its population while preserving and enhancing the character of its built and natural environment.


  • Preserve and enhance the character of Melling's built environment respecting its heritage
  • Preserve and enhance the character of the natural environment
  • Improve the quality of infrastructure
  • Better traffic management
  • Improve the provision of facilities for youth
  • Meet the housing needs of the Parish
  • Ensure that any new development is of a high quality of design which respects the character of the area

In order to produce the Plan, the Parish needs evidence to back up its policies and needs a clear idea of which policies in Sefton’s Local Plan.are going to be relevant. A lot of evidence already exists and they have commissioned a review of this to see how fit for purpose it is as well as looking at planning policies from the emerging Local Plan.

Other work the Council is commissioning include: site analyses, evidence about provision of greenspace, gathering evidence about landscape and heritage assets. It wishes to run Policy Development Workshops in April and May this year.

The Parish wishes to write a draft Plan in June and July of this year. Once a draft Plan is written there is a 6 week consultation period within which comments can be made about the draft Plan and these comments will then be considered and amendments made where appropriate. Once the draft Plan has been amended, it is then submitted to Sefton Council which then appoints an Examiner to examine the draft Plan and write a report, possibly recommending some further modifications to ensure its legality. This modified Plan will then be put to the people of Melling who will decide by a Referendum whether the Plan should be officially made.

Have your Say and Get involved

You can have your say in the Plan by making comments on the draft Plan in the 6 week consultation stage as well as voting in the Referendum. You can also give us your comments on the draft Vision and Objectives by e-mail or post to the addresses below. You can also get involved in the Policy Writing workshops which we wish to run in April and May this year but this must be by appointment so please let us know as soon as possible at the same contact addresses below.

Please contact Pam: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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